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Katherine, Song Plugger

“I felt so helpless and had no idea what to do. I could never have done this without the MHA. Really, I would not have known to even question the bill.”


Received a bill from her physician for over $5,000 for a procedure that she thought was covered by her health insurance. Doctor’s office refused to help and threatened to send her bill to collections.


MHA conducted a thorough review of Katherine’s medical bills and explanation of benefits to determine if there was an error from her insurance company or doctor’s office. A review of claims with her insurance company uncovered a very simple coding error from her doctor’s office. A call from MHA with the doctor’s office explained the error and a series of continued follow up calls ensued until her issue was settled and her bill was significantly reduced.


Katherine’s procedure was covered and she was only responsible for 20% of the total bill. An affordable payment plan was worked out with her doctor and her issue was resolved.

Sally, Label Owner & Songwriter

“I have a peace of mind that I haven’t had in years. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Everyone in the music business should know about the Music Health Alliance.”


Cancer Survivor who was dropped by her individual health insurance and found herself uninsurable with no apparent options.


MHA identified the best option for Sally based on her personal situation. MHA helped her with the application and interview process guiding her through her state’s remedy for uninsurable individuals.


Sally is now insured with affordable group health benefits that enable her to take daily medications, see her doctor on a regular basis and continue working as a songwriter and entrepreneur in the music industry.

John, Songwriter

“Everyone in the music industry could be helped by MHA’s work. You have lifted a burden that I’ve been carrying around for years. Now I can get back to writing and not worrying!”


Heart Attack survivor, uninsurable with no access to group benefits, uninsured for several years.


MHA helped John find the best option based on his pre-existing condition and income. MHA presented John with all of the facts, so he could make the most informed decision. MHA also walked with him through the application and interview process for a Federal program that he did not know existed.


John is now insured with a “Cadillac” health insurance plan, has been to the doctor for the first time in 5 years and has lowered the amount of his daily medications under his doctor’s supervision.

Reginald, Studio Owner

“Music Health Alliance saved my life!”


Insulin dependent with Type 1 Diabetes, had a very limited health insurance plan with a 20K deductible that did not cover his diabetes expenses. Reginald was also forced to quit working due to a decline in his health.


Reginald’s MHA healthcare advocate created an action plan for him with step by step instructions that included access to diabetic medical supplies at very reduced rate, applications for state and federal resources, and MHA identified a list of grants to help pay personal expenses until his business was up and running again. Together, Reginald and MHA filled out and submitted his applications and began his path to wellness.


Reginald is now working again and his daily insulin dependence has been reduced as well as his weight. He qualified for and was accepted by a Federal program that covers his medication and doctors.

Sarah Helen Parker

“MHA has filled an urgent need in the music industry by providing access to health insurance. I am so grateful for the priceless guidance they gave me, and all the help they will provide for others like me in the future.”

Sarah Helen Parker is an independent graphic designer who has made her mark in the music industry. Sarah’s story: As Sarah said, “Choosing to work independently in a creative industry felt like a blind leap of faith, and health insurance was the furthest thing from my mind, until I needed it.” Sarah applied for individual health insurance and was declined. She needed a daily medication, but it was not in her budget. Sarah called the Music Health Alliance and her healthcare advocate carefully reviewed her previous health insurance application, her individual needs and her budget. MHA was able to identify the clerical error that caused her initial insurance declination. They were also able to find a better policy that was more suited for her needs, covered her medication and was still in her budget. MHA helped Sarah with her application and interview process. She is now fully covered by health insurance so she can focus on her design business.

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