About Us

Music Health Alliance is music’s #1 resource for healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to #HealTheMusic by providing access to healthcare through programs and services that protect, direct, and connect music industry professionals with medical and financial solutions.

Our Vision

Music Health Alliance’s vision is to create a safe and confidential place for the music community to gain the best healthcare and health insurance solutions through defined and transparent healthcare advocacy services with an emphasis on the prevention of illness and overall physical and mental wellness.

Our Story

In 2006, Tatum Allsep — Music Health Alliance’s founder and CEO — began documenting the music industry’s need for healthcare support while working with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Kix Brooks, and the Country Music Association to co-found Sound Health as a way to bring health insurance to the music industry. As this for-profit company grew, so did the need for healthcare advocacy— especially for those with pre-existing conditions, mounting medical bills, and insufficient health insurance.

Health insurance, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare companies were reporting record profits while the music industry was in a steady financial decline. So, Tatum stepped away from the for-profit business world, sold her interest in Sound Health, and worked to find a solution to the rapidly growing problem that was negatively impacting the industry that had become her family.

Armed with years of research, a personal story, and intense passion, Tatum developed a new model of healthcare support that simplified the process of healthcare access — while also removing the profit motive. This new and unique concept allowed the focus of the healthcare solution to be based solely on the client and their specific needs in a safe and confidential environment. And so Music Health Alliance was born, launching to the public in January 2013.

With a team of healthcare advocates, an active Board of Directors, and an Advisory Board, MHA has now served 24,895 music industry professionals and their families, and secured over $127M in healthcare cost reductions in our efforts to #HealTheMusic.