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MHA Receives Healthcare Innovation Award

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (March 10, 2014) – Music Health Alliance is the recipient of the prestigious 2014 Healthcare Workforce Innovation Award recognizing an employer who is trailblazing workforce trends and innovation impacting the business of healthcare in Tennessee.  Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Memphis Mayor AC Wharton presented Music Health Alliance’s Award at the 2014 Healthcare Diversity Forum at Vanderbilt University. According to Mayor Dean in his awards address, healthcare innovation is vital and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act this year makes this award matter now more than ever before.  He congratulated Music Health Alliance for creatively maximizing resources to innovate healthcare for the music industry.  Tatum Hauck Allsep, Founder and Executive Director of Music Health Alliance, accepted the award before an audience of the state’s leaders in healthcare among them,  Vanderbilt’s Dr. Andre’ Churchwell, Tenncare’s Dr. Vaughn Frigon, and Healthstream’s CEO, Robert Frist, Jr.

Music Health Alliance is the first non-profit organization to merge Nashville’s two leading industries, Healthcare and Music.  With MHA’s unique model of healthcare support over 3 million dollars in healthcare resources was secured last year to improve the health of the makers of music.  “In our industry healthcare crisis management had become the norm, so it seemed fitting that a creative community required a creative solution to get well and stay well.  MHA’s healthcare innovation evolved out of necessity.” says Allsep.  “We have built this organization by removing the profit motive from a traditionally profit driven model.  This enables us to provide personalized solutions and a seamless flow through what is seen by many in our industry as a fragmented healthcare system.  We are truly honored to be the recipient of the Healthcare Workforce Innovation Award.”  MHA is a national organization, they are based in Nashville.

This award in healthcare innovation is presented by the National Organization of Workforce Diversity is a private, public and non-profit collaborative created to provide insight and leadership training to advance workforce diversity initiatives. “On behalf of the National Organization of Workforce Diversity, we are honored to recognize the good work of the Music Health Alliance for creating unique resources and providing critical advocacy for the music industry.”  says Jacky Akbari, Co-Founder and Board Chair, The National Organization for Workforce Diversity.

Phillip, Recording Artist

“I was ready to pack up and go home until the MHA actually listened to my predicament and researched my unique situation. They found solutions for me when no-one else would take the time. Bloody great, they are!”


New to the US and told that there was no health insurance company that would work with a non-resident, no access to local healthcare services.


MHA identified a reputable insurance company that would cover a non-resident in the US with a green-card, found the policy that met his needs, budget and covered emergency services world-wide, walked him through the application process and helped him find an excellent local primary care physician.


Phillip has excellent health insurance coverage, has had an annual physical and built a wonderful relationship with his doctor and staff who have also become huge fans of his music.

Tom, Professional Musician

“We were rationing my daughter’s medication because the cost was more than we could afford. MHA helped find resources for my daughter that I did not even know were available. Thank you MHA!”


Daughter had rare genetic disorder and the cost of her medication was more than his annual income.


MHA worked directly with the pharmaceutical company to provide Tom’s daughter’s medication for free based on their current annual income.


Tom’s daughter has access to her medication free of charge and is now attending school for the first time.

Tiffany, Recording Artist

“My husband and I would have both had to give up our careers in the music industry if we had not been introduced to Music Health Alliance. We cannot thank you enough!”


High risk pregnancy with no maternity coverage.


MHA guided Tiffany through a state program that covers children and not publicly advertised as an option for pregnant women. MHA also counseled her on her application submission and her follow up interview.


Tiffany became fully insured with maternity coverage throughout her pregnancy and her child is now covered by this program. Tiffany’s savings with this coverage was over $100,000.00.

Christopher, Industry Executive

“Wish you could find this kind of savings for my company too! Thank you so much for looking beyond the surface and really helping me.”


Suffered from cardiomyopathy 13 years ago, paying over $22K annually for an individual health insurance policy, told he was uninsurable and had no other options.


Upon an extensive interview with Christopher regarding his current health difficulty it was revealed that his cardiologist stated that he was “cured.” MHA requested a conference call with his physician and a letter was obtained stating that Christopher’s situation was completely resolved along with documentation to prove the doctor’s statement. MHA identified a new health insurance policy for him and his wife that met their needs and budget. MHA also guided them through the application process and insurance company interview.


Christopher was accepted by the new health insurance company. His current policy has no exclusions or riders and he is saving over $12K a year in cost.

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