Billy Block Returns to The Sutler to Benefit Music Health Alliance



October 14th, The Billy Block show will return to The Sutler. 19th strong year in Nashville and we are going back to our roots.

Billy Block has played with everyone from Billy Joe Shaver to Frank Black (The Pixies) and has hosted many local and nationally touring artists on his stage . The Billy Block show is regaining its momentum and stature as it continues to grow on the old and young.

We want to personally invite you to see this legendary show. It is the culmination of the old Nashville we all love and remember with its Americana inspired sound and its Western Beat, while at the same time playing host to that fresh, emerging sound that is defining new Nashville.

Billy is excited to once again roll out the Billy Block Show at the Sutler and showcase these talented, budding artists on this classic, Nashville stage.

You will not want to miss these performances:

Danika Portz and her knock-you-on-your-ass pipes have gained the attention of IRS records whose execs are sure to be in attendance.

Seth Ennis can seriously draw a crowd. Something about this simple, American made, military raised boy has gained the attention of fans and labels alike.

Girl next door, pro-cheerleader, Baylor Wilson can not only sing, she can write. Literally everyone who hears her, loves her. Literally. (like…literally).

You haven’t heard of them? Seriously? Little Honey may be brand spankin new, but their latest youtube cover is spreading like wild fire!

Rocky Block.  Taking after his father in talent and stage presence, this apple is sure to grow as big as the tree it fell from.

The Oginalii girls. The underground of Nashville is their domain, and folk-grunge is their game. (Robert Plant’s symbol is literally tattoo’d on the lead singers arm.)

Ticket price? That’s so old-Nashville. 

Tickets are whatever price you think they should be and the proceeds go to support the Music Health Alliance.

You have read that correctly, there is NO set ticket price. Just a donation of your choice in amount at the door that goes to benefit a charity that is really all what the Billy Block Show is about. Music Health Alliance is dedicating to “helping heal those who make Music by providing access to healthcare through services that PROTECT, DIRECT & CONNECT music industry professionals with medical and financial solutions.”

Billy Block has been around the block and is now ready to start doing things differently. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! The show has always been about supporting and nurturing artists, and now we have the opportunity to do that on a level like never before.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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