“Heal The Music Day” Raises More Than $400K For Music Health Alliance

Every dollar donated equals $30
in life-saving healthcare resources and free services.

Nashville, TN – November 19, 2019 – Led by multi-platinum entertainer Dierks Bentley, 2019’s 3rd annual “Heal The Music Day” raised over $400,000 for Music Health Alliance (MHA). Entirely funded through grants and individual and corporate donations, “Heal The Music Day” highlights the music community’s efforts to provide financial support for the non-profit’s critical and life-saving free services.

Through “Heal The Music Day,” members of the music community – songwriters, musicians, performers, artist managers, publishers, business managers, record labels, trade organizations and more – pledged their support for their fellow musicians and peers in the industry in times of medical crisis. With $400,000 raised in 2019 in support of Music Health Alliance, every dollar donated equals $30 in life-saving healthcare resources. Music Health Alliance’s free services range from access to doctors and hospitals, medicine, health insurance and finding financial assistance during times of illness. Support from “Heal The Music Day” helps to fund Music Health Alliance’s free programs and services in addition to The Ben Eyestone Fund, which assists un-insured or under-insured music industry professionals in Davidson and surrounding counties within Middle Tennessee receive life-saving diagnostics and treatment.

Pledged supporters include: ACME Feed & Seed, Jason Adams, Rhett Akins, Lauren Alaina, Gary Allan, Lainie Allbee, Bonita Allen, Sarah Alshouse, The AMG, Dave Amole, Al Andrews/Porter’s Call, Kyle Andrews, Animal Collective Productions, Laurie Aronoff, Gus Arrandale, ASCAP, Jim Asker, Average Joes Entertainment, Erin Bailey, Johnna Bailey, Charlton Baker, Jaqueline Banas, Kari Barnhart/Regions Bank, Emily Beard, Stacey Beardsley, Marc Beeson, Matthew Beier, Chris Benelli, Alan Bennett, Jeffrey Bensmiller, Anderson Benson, Dierks Bentley, John Berry, Leigh Bezezekoff, Shelia Shipley Biddy, Big Machine Label Group, Big Muddy Music, Keith Bilbrey, Cindy Blanchard, Brett Blandon, Jill Block, BMI, Sacha Bone, Julie Boos, Brad Bornac, Dave Boyer, Bette Bracken, Ron Bradley, Liz Bradley, Luke Bryan /Little Bird Music, Lee Buchmann, Frank Bumstead, Virginia & Julian Bunetta, Irene Bunny, Kristi Burlingame, T Bone Burnett, Helen Burns, Prudence Burnes, Bart Butler, CAA, The Cadillac Three, Morgan Caldwell, Jayme Calhoun, Terry Calogne, Camel Express, Beth Canavan, Andalee Canto, Coran Capshaw/Red Light Management, Cameo Carlson, Cheryl Lynne Case-Diaz, John Carter Cash, Rosanne Cash, Elizabeth Castellaw, Robin Cee, Beth Nielson Chapman, Jamie Cheek, Ann Chrisman, City National Bank, CKP Lighting Inc, Melanie Clark, Dave Cobb, Shannon Cohn, Luke Cole, Wallace Collins, Matt Combs, Combustion Entertainment, Heather Conley, Joseph Conner, David & Karen Conrad, Jerri Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Marc Copely, Matt Corner, Ron Cox/Studio Bank, Kimberly Crowe, Carrie Crowell, Chelsea Crowell, Hannah Crowell, Rodney Crowell, Trudie Daniell, Michael Davey, Karen Deaney, Susan Denmark, Rob & Ashley Dennis, Jennifer DeVault, Enzo DeVincenzo, Noah Dewey, William DiLugi, Bob Dipiero, Disney Music Publishing, Andrew Distler, Ally Hannon Dodds, Lindsey Dodge, Marc Driskall, Christina Drouin, Billy Dukes, Tiffany Dunn/Loeb & Loeb, Beville Dunkerley, Bob Dylan/Heaven’s Door Distillery, Liz Earle, Georgia English, Mary Englund, Steve Escoto, Lindsey Feinstein, Karen Fisher, Pete Fisher, Bradley Fogelman, Tossy Fogle, Caroline Fosnot, Trina Foster, Vance Foster, David Frazier, Andrew Fromm, Donna Gaines, Erik Gaines, Sheri Garrett, Giaccone, Brooke Gies, Christina Geist, Laura Gifford, Girlilla Marketing, Holly Gleason, Adrien Good, Laurie Gore, Dane Gorman, Amy Grant, Shelly Grayson, Carrie Gretsch, Eric Griffin, Sydney Guilliams, Kathleen Hale, Jessie Hall, Karen Hannon, Mary Hannon, Kristen Hansen, Trina Harmon, Joyce Harrison, Mary Hilliard Harrington, Emmylou Harris, Chad Harvey, Christie & Melissa Hauck, Linda Heath, Terri Heath, Christopher Hennessee, Caleb Hickman, Debbie Hill, Whitley Hill, Wes Horton, Laurie Hughes, John Huie, Kurt Hutchinson, Michelle Iaci, Iberia Bank, Robert Ickes, Inspired Musicians, Tom & Elizabeth James, Lisa Jenkins,  Joe Johnston, Louise Johnson, Allison Jones, Emily Jones, Meredith Jones, Jay Joyce, Michael Joyce, Robin Joyce, Cletus T. Judd, Naomi Judd/Larry Strickland, Bruce Kalmick, Judy Kane, Dave Kelly, Caitlin Kennedy, Tracey & Gordon Kennedy, Liz Keran, Jen Ketner, Caroline Kibler, Alex Kinker, Andrew Kintz / First Tennessee Bank, Shawn Kirkham, Jesse Krohmer, Amy Kurland, Diana Ladio, Amy LaFrenz, Miranda Lambert, LANCO, Liz Lawrence, Laura Lawton, Tara Leclerc, Betsy Lee, Elizabeth Lewis, Frank Liddell/ Prometheus Charitable Trust, Robin Lightner, Jeremy Lister, Bill Lloyd, Ryan Lojo, Meredith Long, Roland Lundy, John & Lori Lytle, Jim Malito, Rosalyn Malone, Lori MacLeoad, Jason Manasse, Camille Marks/ Van Uden, Wayne Martin, Joseph Chip Matthews, Felicity Maxwell, Phil May, Janelle Means, Annsley McAleer, Trisha McClanahan, Mindi McCormick, Tyler McDaniel, Jackie McEachern, Reba McEntire, Tracy McGlocklin/Mission Management, Michael McIntosh, Kim McLean, Daniel Miller, Kristin Miller, Nina Miller, Crystal Milligan, Michael Milom, Bryce Mims, Tinti Moffat, Mike & Amanda Molinar, Monarch PR, Hunter Moore, Martha Moore, Emily Neurherz, Denise Nichols/The Primacy Firm, Paige Nolan, Tari Olds, Kerry O’Neil, Alyce Ory, John & Lucie Osborne, Anita Parish, Jackie Patillo, Lea Pearson, Rya Peck, Erik Peterson, Kimberly Peterson, Chip Petree, Lee Ann Photoglo, Melanie Pierce, Pinnacle Financial Partners, John Prine/Sour Grapes Inc, Jacqueline Proffitt, Dana Radford, Britt Redden, Dave Regan, Allen Reynolds & Marie Coz, Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins, Michael Rhodes, Diane Richey-Haupt, April Rider, Lacy Rieke, John Ritchie, Rivers of Wellness, Timothy Roberts, Debi Fleishcher Robin, Emily Robins, Ken Robold, Glen Rose, Gregg Roth, Ronna Rubin, Kylie Sackley, Safford Motley LLC, Phillip Sandifer/ Urgent Media, Bryan Sargent, Kristin Savage, Rick Savage, Terrance Sawchuk, Ruth See Schimmel Foundation, Brad Schmidt, Ed Schneider, Iggy Schultz, Nicholas Schurman, Steve Schweidel, Cass Scripps, Kate Searls, Kylen Sharpe, Steven Sheehan, Russ Shipp, Kathryn Shoemaker, Philip Shouse, Earle Simmons, Granger & Amber Smith, Sarah Smith, Jennie Smythe, Sony ATV Music, Sloane Spencer, Chris & Morgane Stapleton, Jonathan Stewart, Wayne Stonecipher, Rebecca Warner Strang, Jaime Street, Brinson Strickland, Todd Suggs, SunTrust Bank, Sarah Crossman Sullivan, Brady Surface, Jensen Sussman/ Sweet Talk Publicity, Laura Sutherland, Conley Sweeney, William Taber, Jr., Claire Taylor, Mary Crawford Taylor, Kim Thomason, Linde Thurman, Doug Tibbs, John Tinger, Kathleen Cash Tittle, Ellen Truly, Katii Tusa, Donna Ulisse, Universal Music Publishing, Ben Vaughn, Gina Venier, Laura Velz, Bill Viverette, Terry Viverette, Ty Wall, Brandy Warner, Steve & Caryn Wariner, Edward Warm, Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Mike Westfall, Glenn Whitaker, Rachel Whitney, Kris Wiatr & Associates, Jaime & Kristin Wildman, Wiles + Taylor & Company, JD Wilkes, Jay & Katherine Williams, Randy Wilmore, Justin Wilson, Melinda Wilson, WME, Linda Dotson-Wooley, Mark Wright, Yazoo Brewing Company, Will Yeiser, Thomas Young and Debbie Cox Zavitson.

Entirely funded through grants and individual and corporate donations, contributions can still be made to Music Health Alliance and “Heal The Music Day” at: MusicHealthAlliance.com/donate-to-heal

Since 2013, MHA has:
Supported our creative community across 42 states and every genre of music
Spared 541 families from bankruptcy due to a medical crisis
Provided 8 patients with access to transplants including heart, lung, kidney and liver
Facilitated access to over 200 trauma counseling sessions for Las Vegas shooting survivors and their families
Served over 10,000 members of the music community nationwide
Saved over $47,000,000 in healthcare costs including insurance premium savings, medical bill reductions and discounted medications

As advocates, Music Health Alliance fights so those in our industry never have to feel alone in a health crisis. The nine-person team at Music Health Alliance remove obstacles so patients can receive lifesaving care. Thanks to the direct efforts of Music Health Alliance, members of the music community across the country have gained access to lifesaving cancer treatment, transplants, medications to treat Parkinson’s, end of life care and many other crucial services. Its services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for two or more years, or who has credited contributions to 4 commercially released recordings or videos. Spouses, partners, and children of qualifying individuals may also receive access to the non-profit’s services from birth to end of life.

To learn more about Music Health Alliance’s free services, contact MHA at 615-200-6896 or info@musichealthalliance.com.

Donate to Music Health Alliance at: MusicHealthAlliance.com/donate-to-heal

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For more information about Music Health Alliance, contact:
Cindy Hunt / Heather Conley
Monarch Publicity
615-429-2203 / 615-202-5070
Cindy.hunt@monarchpublicity.com / heather.conley@monarchpublicity.com

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